I&W was engaged by an investment business with multiple partners, with broad business and personal flying needs, to review and consolidate their flying.

Over 12 months, we were able to renegotiate their existing contracts with two major fractional providers, as well as take advantage of ad hoc charter for many of their flights. This reduced their flying costs by over 40%, while affording the team a chance to trial the charter market and specific operators.

We have now completed a total overhaul of their flying, placing 60% of their flying on a bespoke block hours deal on a specific aircraft they enjoyed chartering, 20% of flying retained by a fractional provider and 20% remaining in the ad hoc charter market.


An existing aircraft operator serving a single family office and business wanted to broaden their management offering to new clients and aircraft owners and I&W was engaged to create a proposal to pitch to aircraft owners.

We reviewed and modelled all business costs and outlined all options currently in the market, as well as suggesting new ideas for effective and profitable operation of aircraft. With extensive knowledge of operator and owner needs, we were able to balance this profitably whilst allowing the existing operator to deliver an exception level of service to potential new aircraft owners.


I&W Aviation recently consolidated the flying of a high-profile family with significant security requirements, from multiple brokers into one streamlined process, using a small group of trusted and excellent operators.

Our proposal significantly reduced the costs for the family by eliminating brokerage fees and commissions, as well as building in bespoke flexibility when needed.

Six months on, the family and their financial team have a much clearer picture of their flying needs and costs and going forwards we have put together a long-term solution comprising of hours on a fractional provider, providing guaranteed availability, preferential one way pricing and no cancellation fees, as well as ad hoc charters for weekend trips, capitalising on empty legs and using local experienced partners outside of major flying zones.

Ownership vs. Charter Agreement

A Swiss-based family office asked us to assess their flying and review their options for aircraft ownership. We prepared a full analysis of all their flying for a 3-year period, including commercial trips, then, using this, we reviewed suitable aircraft types and produced initial budgets for assessment, as well as some alternatives to ownership.

The client chose a block hours charter agreement if they could exit their existing agreement with a leading fractional ownership provider.

We assigned their share directly to a Monaco-based client, saving the purchaser $700,000 vs purchasing the same share from the provider. We then negotiated an additional $300k of special terms in their new management agreement, saving them $175,000 in re-marketing fees and 90 days of management fees. Additionally, a $100k charitable donation was made to the Mandela Rhodes Foundation by the purchaser.

Jetsetting Jockey

I&W Aviation enabled amateur jockey David Maxwell to race at Britain's most southerly and northerly courses in the same day, in his bid to become champion amateur this season.

His first ride was in the hunter chase at Newton Abbot, after which he flew up to Scotland to race at Perth just four hours later, even having an hour to spare to walk the course. 

Maxwell said, "It's a long way and you've got to fly, but it's possible and with half an hour to spare I'd say. I'll be away from here by 5pm and take off at 5.20pm from Exeter, then it's an hour and ten minutes to Edinburgh, and then an hour from there – no problem!"

You can read about where he finished in the races here.

7X Purchase for UK Based Asset Manager

I&W Aviation were retained by a UK based Asset Manager to analyse their current 300-hour flying solutions, propose alternatives and model aircraft ownership across a range of aircraft. We were further retained to then select a 7X, negotiate and complete the purchase, select a management company, interview and appoint crew and were appointed as Owner Representative going forward.


Stratajet ( is the most exciting start-up in private aviation. They offer a groundbreaking technology that finally lets private jet travellers search and compare real prices in real time. Operators benefit from automated, accurate pricing and quotations that eliminate hundreds of man hours and errors in quoting. The first of its kind in the industry, the technology streamlines the booking process for customers and operators.

I & W Aviation has been retained to handle all things strategy and we are helping to build the infrastructure needed to support Stratajet's customers. We are also their 'man in the field': keeping our ear to the ground; creating and managing strategic partnerships and getting the word out to everyone about the power of Stratajet’s platform.

Upgrading An Ownership share

A Europe-based Canadian businessman wanted to upgrade his share in a PC-12 turbo prop aircraft for the same share in the new PC-24 jet. As the delivery of the new aircraft drew near, we were able to assign his existing share to a Germany-based client who had trialled the PC-12 earlier in the year and wanted to add it to his current portfolio and charter flying. As part of the deal, donations of $10k were made to the European Climate Fund and Into

Commercial & Operational Analysis

We were retained by a private individual based between Hong Kong and London to model the charter market in Asia for light and mid size aircraft with a view to selecting an appropriate aircraft for purchase. We provided analysis of operating challenges and relevant solutions for basing the aircraft in HK, as well as operational restrictions and solutions for reaching remote locations in the Philippines.

Charter Management

A client based in the UK flying 100 hours annually has been using I & W Aviation to organise all their charter flights and manage their fractional provider. By our intelligent use of empty legs and charter offers to complement the fractional program, the client has saved €49,000 in just 4 months (many times our annual fee!).

Private Flying Review and Contract Renegotiation

A major UK PLC engaged us to review all their current fractional ownership contracts and make recommendations for reducing costs, while maintaining levels of service and safety. We ran a full analysis, invoice review, tender process and supported internal procurement and legal teams to complete contracts. We successfully delivered savings of over €1.5m against our fee of £55k. The organisation has now retained us for the life of their contracts.

Market Report

We maintain pricing information on hundreds of aircraft, operators and programs in Europe. Clients frequently ask us to compare their current solution with our market intelligence. Recently, a client based in the UK with a block hours agreement for 50 hours asked us for a Market Report. On the typical routes we found the same aircraft was generally priced 39% cheaper in the charter market.

Pilot Remuneration Project

I&W were engaged on a project for a major Oil PLC with its own Flight Dept to review crew remuneration. We audited salaries and benefits across commercial airlines, private flight departments, management companies and charter operators and our findings were used to inform employment & benefits contracts for the crew of five large cabin aircraft.

Contract Renegotiation

We recently completed a project for a client based in Scandinavia. Compared with the initial proposal we saw when we were hired, the final agreement we negotiated reduced annual operating expenses by 21.4%. A number of valuable contractual provisions we suggested were also included.

Family Office 5 Year Review Saves $1m

A family office requested a full 5 year review of their flying. We presented a detailed and segmented picture of all trips and the fully loaded costs, then presented all the options in the market to benchmark against their current solution with a leading fractional provider. 

We negotiated with the provider to deliver £1m in savings for our £15k fee by restructuring existing contracts to reduce capital commitment but not flying capacity; maximising unused hours to deliver value going forward; achieving an increased fair market value on aircraft shares that were repurchased.

Royal Jet Group

Royal Jet ( is the Middle East's leading luxury flight services provider. They offer the full suite of aviation services from VIP Charter, Medical Evacuation, Aircraft Management and Maintenance. The Group operates the largest fleet of Boeing Business Jets (BBJs) in the world, complemented by Bombardier Global 5000s, Learjet 60XRs and a Gulfstream 300.

I & W Aviation was contracted for an onsite project to identify potential commercial opportunities and advise the management team on their sales, marketing and growth strategies.


€2.3m Savings Achieved For Global Investment Management Firm

A global investment management firm with international travel needs requested an independent review of their flying and current solution.  After analysing several years of flying patterns, we suggested distributing specific flights within a small network of highly regarded fractional and aircraft operators and were able to deliver immediate, and ongoing, significant savings for a £40k fee.

We renewed 100 hours of flying with one leading fractional provider with more advantageous commercial terms based on actual flying patterns; distributed the remaining flights across another provider and a small pool of carefully selected charter operators meeting pre agreed safety standards; and selected the best operator to place each flight with for maximum cost efficiency.