For those flying frequently, chartering isn’t necessarily the most economical option and doesn’t always guarantee availability at shorter notice. Private jet card programs can offer more availability and consistency of aircraft for those who fly privately half a dozen times a year. If that increases to monthly or more flights for the foreseeable future, many people consider fractional ownership, which offers short notice with the same operator at a fixed cost.

Any jet card or shared ownership deal has to be the right programme to suit your annual needs and should be used to extract maximum benefit, as well as renegotiated in the middle and at the end of its contract. This involves staying on top of a rapidly developing market in addition to the management of each trip – which is where we come in.

Analysis & Financial Management:

  • Review of individual flying needs and recommendations
  • Pacing reports: consolidation across suppliers, aircraft types, by lead passenger
  • Consolidation and checking of monthly billing
  • Invoice Management: billing individual trips to other parties (friends, colleagues, related/unrelated businesses)
  • Market pricing comparisons
  • Planning of flying to budget

Contract Management:

  • Entry, annual renewal or early termination review, options and negotiations
  • Fair market value: ad hoc and at end of contract
  • Legal review of all contracts - general mark up or individual specific
  • Regular vs. quarterly usage analysis

Operational Management:

  • Sole point of contact for the entire process
  • Product and supplier advisory: specific trips or on-going travel
  • Regular industry overview: commercial, safety
  • Ad hoc support for lead passenger, family and support team
  • Recommendation and management of each individual trip to ensure aircraft/supplier are best matched and most economic
  • Unique event additional flying: business purchase, personal event
  • Notifications: peak period days, airport closures
  • Training for any support staff on how to book, interpret bills etc.
  • Problem management: day of flight changes